Common Features



  • 21 CFR Compliance based software
  • SMS Dongle for SMS alert
  • Biometric access
  • Stand by refrigeration system
  • Stand by humidification system
  • Passcode protect door operation
  • Secure audit trail
  • Auto changeover of refrigeration system in case of failure
  • Auto changeover of Humidification system.
  • Password protected set value Change
  • Password protected Selectable print frequency.
  • PLC based Autotune facility


  • Printer interface facility
  • Buzzer for alarm indication
  • Stand by refrigeration system
  • Stand by humidification system
  • Manual Changeover of Refrigeration system in case of failure
  • Manual changeover of Humidification system in case of failure
  • PID based autotune facility


  • PUF Insulation with density of 40 Kg/m³ with both side SS304 sheet of 0.6 mm thickness duly tested & certified
  • Tongue and Groove type Interlocks for Panels used in construction of Walk-in Chambers.
  • Heavy Duty insulated Floor Panel with anti-skid carpet for secured movement.

Sample Storage

  • Racks - secured with strong joints internally to the chamber walls, made of heavy duty SS304 frame.
  • Trays - Heavy Duty Perforated type, with special CNC punched perforations specially designed to maximize circulation aiding the constant uniformity in the chamber. The trays are secured with additional underside support rails to prevent flexing and warping after prolonged usage.


  • Heavy Duty Insulated Door with Full View Double layered Toughened Glass for viewing sample with good visibility.

Delta Control Panel

Allen-Bradley Control Panel

Control System

  • Ergonomically designed Control Panel wiring with systematic sequential ferrule printing for input and output to all components like PLC, Contactors, Isolators, MCBs SSRs. easy maintenance made possible with the aide of easy to understand wiring diagrams.
  • Advanced PLC program with built-in processor based Auto-Tuning to achieve and maintain constant Uniformity of set condition.
  • 4.3" HMI provided with adequate local data storage and a Colour TFT/LCD Display with accurate representation of operating condition in contrasting colours for easy readability from a considerable distance.
  • Built-In redundancy and safe guards to protect sensitive components from voltage surges.
  • Advanced high accuracy transmitter sensors for temperature and humidity with output of 4 to 20 mA. Dedicated voltage and surge protection for sensors.

Temperature Control

  • Efficient, simplistic and a functionally proven design of refrigeration system using Emerson- Copeland compressors with built-in redundancy with PLC based auto-change over during intermittent power outages or component failure.
  • ‘U’ shaped SS Air Heater Banks controlled by PLC to achieve & chamber internal air temperature
  • Unique Chiller system provided with Walk-In Stability Chambers involve circulation of Chilled water through the evaporator coil providing longer sustenance of conditions during intermittent & accidental power outages.


Humidity Control:

Humidity Control:

  • In-house manufactured SS Reservoirs and Steam Kettles provided in the Humidification system provide optimum humidity requirements for various conditions.
  • Thermostat for safety measures dedicated for overall chamber high temperature, Steam Kettle Heater Element and Utility High Temperature also resulting in Longer Component Life.