Stand Alone Deep Freezer

Walk-in Stability / Humidity Chember

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range:  -10°C to -30°C Accuracy: ≤ +/- 3.0°C Uniformity: ≤ +/- 5.0°C*
Models  Cap. in liters Internal size in mm External size in mm  Tray Qty Tray size in mm  Connected Load
 AO/DF-15 150 520Wx500Dx600H 725Wx825Dx1285H 2 440Wx500Dx30H 0.75 KW
AO/DF-25 250 520Wx600Dx800H 725Wx925Dx1485H 2 440Wx600Dx30H 0.75 KW
AO/DF-40 400 620Wx650Dx1000H 825Wx975Dx1735H 3 540Wx650Dx30H 1 KW
AO/DF-50 500 620Wx650Dx1250H 825Wx975Dx1985H 3 540Wx650Dx30H 1 KW
AO/DF-60 600 720Wx575Dx1450H 925Wx900Dx2235H 4 640Wx575Dx30H 2.5 KW
AO/DF-80 800 720Wx775Dx1450H 925Wx1100Dx2235H 4 640WX775DX30H 2.5 KW

* Measured with high accuracy data-logger at sample storage area with standard Set Point.

Standard Chamber Features & Provisions:

  • Construction: Dynamically Designed PUF filled Double walled, Inner Tank & outer body with PCGI/SS304/SS316 with PUF Density of 40Kg/m3-Thickness 100mm.
  • Trays: Perforated types (CNC punched). Strengthened with support rails to prevent deformations, Height adjustable to every ½”
  • Door: Heavy Duty Projected, PUF insulated door installed with imported hinges & lock.Entire door perimeter is secured with Silicone gasket to ensure air tight chamber.
  • Door Operation: Passcode protected door operation - from software & HMI
  • Control System:
  1. Ergonomically designed Control Panel.
  2. Ferrule printed wiring.
  3. Advanced PLC Program with built in processor-based Auto Tuning.
  4. 4.3” HMI Color LED Display.
  5. Built in Safety.
  6. Advanced High Accuracy “Transmitter based sensors” with output of 4-20 mA.
  • Temperature Control: Efficient, Reliable, Time tested & Trustworthy Refrigeration Design.
  • PLC Safety Cut Off for Temperature: Low, Lower & High safety cut off .

Stand Alone Deep Freezer:

The Pharmaceutical & allied industries use Deep freezers for effective storage of drug products, life-saving vaccines and samples for diagnosis, but are also perfectly suited for temperature tests and aging subjected at sub-zero temperatures. They can be used for storage of fresh and frozen blood supplies and vaccines, also for storage of enzymes for research.

Allyone Deep freezers are available as an upright freezer or chest freezer, for your need for a precision-controlled storage equipment as low as -30°C. Allyone deep freezers have great safety features and are trustworthy & reliable.