Vaccum Oven

Walk-in Stability / Humidity Chember

Technical Specification

Temperature Range : 50°C to 200°C Accuracy : ≤ +/- 0.5°C


Models Liters Cap. in Internal size in mm Tray Qty   Connected loads
 AO/VO 12 225 Diax300D 2 2 KW
AO/VO 21 300 Diax300D 2 2 KW

* Measured with high accuracy data-logger at sample storage area with standard Set Point

Standard Features:

Internal- SS304 with Mirror finish, Outer body S S304.Body is dynamically designed from strength as well as working point of view.

  1. Vacuum Pump,

  2. Printer Interface.

Controller-Equipped with advanced PID based control system installed with Contactor, M C B, Sensors for operational accuracy & optimum performance. PID Controller Make: FUJI.

Allyone also provides PLC Based Control System for Vacuum Oven as per client requirement.


Vacuum Oven

vacuum oven also referred as Vacuum Drying Oven & Vacuum Dryer, is used for performing drying operations which generally comprise of removal of moisture from materials which are  heat sensitive &/or highly hygroscopic in nature

The vacuum ovens avoids damage to the sensitive material while drying in vacuum as rapid temperature overshooting is avoided as the working principle behind the operation of a vacuum oven involves substantially lowering the ambient pressure to decrease the boiling point of the liquid in the substance via the use of a vacuum pump.

 Vacuum drying is one of the most effective and gentle drying methods available. The aim of this method is to gently dry a high-grade product that contains water or a solvent without endangering the materials. Drying in a vacuum drying chamber is particularly recommended for compounds containing flammable solvents. Due to the oxygen in the air in particular, these compounds often develop an explosive atmosphere during the drying process. This is prevented when dried in a vacuum drying chamber. Vacuum drying also minimizes the risk of scaling or oxidation residue.