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* Measured with high accuracy data logger at sample storage area with standard Set Point

*Dual Chamber also available as per customized or Made to Order dimensions and requirementslike: CC+Incubator, Incubator+Incubator, Stability+ Stability

Standard Chamber Features & Provisions:

  • Construction:Dynamically Designed PUF filled Double walled, Inner Tank & outer body with SS 304 with PUF Density of 40Kg/m3 with thickness 60mm OR 100 mm depending on the chamber combination.
  • Sample Storage:Trays: Perforated types (CNC punched). Strengthened with support rails to prevent deformations, Height adjustable to every ½”
  • Door: PUF Insulated External door mounted with imported hinges & locks, Inner glass doors with latches. Door frame is secured with silicone rubber gasket on entire perimeter to ensure air tight, leak tight chamber.
  • Door Operation: Biometric &/or Password protected-from software & HMI
  • Control System:
  1. Ergonomically designed Control Panel.
  2. Ferrule printed wiring.
  3. Advanced PLC Program with built in processor-based Auto Tuning.
  4.  2 X 4.3” HMI Color LED Display. (Individual HMI for each chamber)
  5. Built in Redundancy & Safety.
  6. Advanced High Accuracy “Transmitter Sensors” with output of 4-20 mA.
  • Temperature Control:
  1. Efficient, Reliable, Time tested & Trustworthy Refrigeration Design.
  2. Built in redundancy with PLC based Auto Change Over during power outage or component failure viz: Compressor, Humidification system
  3. PLC Controlled “U” Shaped SS Air Heater Banks.
  • Humidity Control: S S Reservoirs- steam kettles forms Humidification system(for Stability/Humidity Chamber)
  • Safety: Dedicated Thermostats for all key points: Chamber High Temperature, Steam Kettle Element (for Stability/Humidity Chamber), Utility High Temperature.
  • PLC Safety Cut Off for Temperature & Humidity: High, Higher & Low, Lower safety cut off.

Stand Alone Dual Chamber

Allyone with our rich experience & prowess in designing robust customized products as per the specific demands of clients & users have designed a “Dual Chamber” which saves space & cost and offers tremendous flexibility & convenience to the user.

A Dual Chamber offers you flexibility when you are tied up with multiple restrictions of space & choices.

Allyone offers customizes solution to you and you can choose between various combinations, viz:

Upper Compartment: Deep Freezer, Lower Compartment: Cold Chamber or

Cold Chamber + Heating/Cooling Incubator or

Heating/Cooling Incubator + Heating/Cooling Incubator or

Stability/Humidity Chamber + Stability/Humidity Chamber

So on & so fourth.

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