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* Measured with high accuracy data-logger at sample storage area with standard Set Point

Standard Chamber Features & Provisions:

  • Construction: Dynamically Designed PUF filled Double walled, Inner Tank & outer body with SS 304 PUF Density of 40 kg/m3 Thickness 60mm.
  • Sample Storage:Trays: Perforated types (CNC punched). Strengthened with support rails to prevent deformations.
  • Door: PUF Insulated External door mounted with imported hinges & locks, Inner glass doors with latches. Door frame is secured with silicone rubber gasket on entire perimeter to ensure air tight, leak tight chamber.
  • Door Operation: Biometric &/or Password protected-from software & HMI
  • Control System:
  1. Ergonomically designed Control Panel.
  2. Ferrule printed wiring.
  3. Advanced PLC Program with built in processor-based Auto Tuning.
  4. 4.3” HMI Color LCD Display.
  5. Built in Redundancy & Safety.
  6. Advanced High Accuracy “Transmitter Sensors” with output of 4-20 mA.
  • Temperature Control:
  1. Efficient, Reliable, Time tested & Trustworthy Refrigeration Design.
  2. Built in redundancy with PLC based Auto Change Over during power outage or component failure (Compressor)
  3. PLC Controlled “U” Shaped SS Air Heater Banks.
  • Optional Backup System: PLC based Auto Change Over Backup system for Refrigeration
  • Safety: Dedicated Thermostats for all key points: Chamber High Temperature, Utility High Temperature.
  • PLC Safety Cut Off for Temperature: High, Higher & Low, Lower safety cut off.

Stand Alone Incubator Cooling and Heating

Incubator Is a device in which incubation process is done, an enclosure conditioned to a predetermined temperature to provide and maintaining an artificially created optimal conditions for growth of microbial culture.

every organism has an incubation period for its growth and development. If incubation is not provided it will result in degenerated the growth of an organism, therefore incubation is an important aspect for the proper growth and development.

Incubation is process -a period of time in which temperature and other environmental variables are provided at a desired temperature level for the growth and development of microbial culture.

Incubator those works at low temperature are used for “incubation” of biochemical reactions

Industries like pharmaceutical, research laboratories, agriculture, food & beverages requires a Cooling Incubators for their testing purposes.

Allyone’s top of the line Cooling Incubators are the most preferred choice to maintain accurate temperature & its uniformity throughout the chamber where high degree of constant temperature accuracy is required.

Incubators are mainly used for the growth & storage of bacterial cultures, Media Preparation, gentle incubation & conditioning and other purposes.  

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