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* Measured with high accuracy data-logger at sample storage area with standard Set Point

* Custom built Chambers are available in any dimensions and capacities.

Standard Chamber Features & Provisions:

  • Construction: PCGI/SS 304/SS 316 Tongue & Groove Type Panels with PUF Density of 40Kg/m3 with thickness of 80 mm.
  • Sample Storage:
  1. Racks: Heavy Duty SS 304 frame secured firmly to chamber inner walls for strength.
  2. Trays: Perforated types (CNC punched). Strengthened with support rails to prevent deformations.
  • Door: PUF Insulated door with Full View double layered Toughened Glass, mounted with imported hinges & locks.
  • Door Operation: Passcode protected door operation – from software & HMI
  • Control System:
  1. Ergonomically designed control panel.
  2. Ferrule printed wiring.
  3. Advanced PLC program with built in processor-based Auto Tuning.
  4. 4.3” HMI Color LCD Display.
  5. Built in Redundancy & Safety.
  6. Advanced High Accuracy “Transmitter based sensors” with output of 4-20 mA.
  • Temperature Control:
  1. Efficient, Reliable, Time tested & Trustworthy refrigeration design.
  2. Built in redundancy with PLC based Auto Change Over during power outage or component failure viz: Compressor.
  3. PLC Controlled “U” Shaped SS Air Heater Banks.
  • Safety: Dedicated Thermostats for all key points: Chamber High Temperature, Utility High Temperature
  • PLC Safety Cut Off for Temperature: High, Higher & Low, Lower safety cut off .
  • Human Safety: “Person Trap” button provided inside the chamber, which triggers Audio Visual alarm. The button enables the trapped person to come out even if the door is physically locked from outside
  • Emergency Stop: button provided from outside.

Walk-In Cold Chamber

Pharmaceutical & allied industries demands accurate standards to be followed when it comes to and storage environments.

Cold Chambers, also known as Cooling Cabinets/ Pharma Refrigerator are an integral part of Stability studies within the Pharmaceutical & allied industries.

Storage in a controlled environment allows the indication of how safe products are to use and their optimum storage temperature.

Thus, manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical medicine, need to comply with regulations when it comes to the storage of raw materials, Refrigerated Products, Batch samples & other samples, working standards, reference standards, vaccines, reagents,
and other critical items-such as Blood & Blood products, & are also called as Blood Bank Refrigerator (BBR).

Close monitoring of the temperature is mandatory as the nature of goods stored in Cooling Cabinet/ Cold Chamber is such that if temperature is not carefully maintained & monitored it may reach a critical point, so temperature fluctuations must be avoided at all costs.

Allyone has a long & rich experience of manufacturing state of the art Cooling Cabinets/ Cold chambers which are the most trustworthy equipment maintaining the exact set point, assuring absolute uniformity as they are meticulously designed & built for optimum performance keeping in mind environment friendly aspects: use of CFC Free gases & low on power consumption.

Allyone provides professional services (software) for continuous monitoring of “Hot” & “Cold” spot based on Rational Studies/Mapping.

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